How do e-technologies incorporate into agricultural?
Growing crops and harvesting the mature edibles is an undertaking that has fed us since antiquity. Modern farming has indeed undergone revolutionary changes: first mechanical, then chemical and yes, now even electronic. Herein is a glimpse of how New Jersey growers and county agricultural agents from Rutgers NJAES Cooperative Extension use electronic technology to communicate, market and conduct applications in the field.


Now farmers can get the information from agricultural agents
when they need it and where they need it:

  • Field Application- Among other things Brenmar Farms plan to use, electronic technologies which allows for precision agriculture using GPS satellite guidance steering for tractors and sprayers.
  • Brenmar Farms plans to work with Lee Rain, an irrigation company in Vineland to install and use remote computer-based irrigation monitoring and management systems. Lee Rain received the endorsement of the Vegetable evaluate/demonstrate and expand the use of this technology.
  • Advocacy. Since Jersey farmers already are using these technologies in the field Brenmar Farms believe, there is every reason to use them with guests and customers. Brenmar Farm marketers are will use Twitter, Facebook and other social media to communicate with our customers and market our products.
  • Brenmar Farms will regularly posts what is harvested that day on Twitter. The farm will also use Facebook and other social media to communicate with their customers and market their products.
  • Brenmar Facebook page allows management to post vegblog updates, monthly reports and flyers for upcoming events as well as links to news articles mentioning Rutgers Cooperative Extension. Management also posts weekly pictures of her local associations have on their Facebook pages. The Facebook account is linked with the Twitter account, so anything posted automatically get Tweeted.
  • Vonda R. Allen and Brenda L. Hill-Riggins (business and life coach experts) plans to offer legacy building workshops, seminars and trainings via web-stream presentations from agricultural meetings so potential farmers needing business assistance can "attend" agricultural conferences by viewing on-line to further our community outreach goals.
  • There is a handheld mobile GIS software/hardware application improving farm management while simultaneously easing environmental regulatory recordkeeping burdens. A handful of farmers has already adopted the tools and it has it has guided in their development. Brenmar Farms plan to use this application and hire young staff employees tasked with using them to track the farm's activities.