Community Supported Agriculture 
Sustainable Agriculture, CSA serves to develop regional food sources and a strong local economy; to encourage healthy land stewardship; to create and maintain a stable and balanced relationship between rural and urban communities; and to re-cultivate the sustainable scale of small family farms, like Brenmar farms.  The relationship that is created between farmer and shareholder grants the farmer a fair & appreciative market, and simultaneously provides the consumer with the the highest quality, freshest produce available, along with a personal connection to the land where it is grown and the people who grow it.
How it Works
When you become a shareholder, you are committing to supporting  BrenMar Farms for a full season of growing. In return, each week you’ll receive a bountiful bag of fruit, herbs, flowers and vegetables fresh-picked from our fields.Our CSA membership  usually get  6-8 different items, sometimes 10, depending on the week. Each Box will hold enough food to feed a household of 2-6.
What are the benefits:
You get:
* the freshest, most nutritious food available
* weekly recipes to make eating seasonally fun and delicious
* farm news and notes from Us here at BrenMar Farms and your farmer
* an open invitation to visit and/or work on the farm
* a community of like-minded food-conscious folks, and
* the uplifting knowledge that you are supporting local agriculture and  contributing to the sustainable stewardship of local farmland.  
  Why Join A CSA ?
We provide high quality, fresh  produce at costs below what you would pay in the grocery store.  Our growing practices conform to all USDA standards for  production and in many cases exceed the expectations of this program. We use ecologically-based management techniques with no synthetic fertilizers or pesticides in crop production.
In addition, you are supporting local farmers! Your dollars stay in New Jersey instead of being funneled to a few individuals at the top of big agribusiness farms in faraway locations.
Season starts:  May 23, 2014 
or call: 856-447-3268 or stop by:
BrenMar Farms located:
865 Hogbin Road Millville NJ. 08332

We are always open to new members all season long. 
Email Marcus at:
or Call:  856-447-3268